Zoom Pro comes to the Deaf Hub!

A Deaf Hub (Wales) is delighted to announced that we are able to use Zoom Pro and the Webinar service thanks to funding received from Tesco Bags of Help!

Zoom Pro means that there are no time limits to use Zoom with group meetings. The Hub and its user groups can therefore use Zoom to host group events for a longer duration than normal.

Deaf people resident in Wales may also use our Deaf Hub (Wales) Zoom Pro account to host a meeting or event. it is a free service. Please contact [email protected] for further information.


The Hub has also purchased the Webinar option. This means that all Deaf Hub user groups are able to host open events to the public that they might normally hold at Cardiff Deaf Centre - for example, to give a presentation, run a training event, hold a seminar, etc,  Up to 100 people can attend a Webinar hosted by the Hub.

The Webinar system is also available to non-user groups who wish to host a one off Zoom event but do not have access to Webinar. For more details please contact [email protected]

Printed: Monday 18 May 2020