Sunday Sign School at Deaf Hub Wales!

Statement from Siobhan Darian, of Cardiff Deaf Creative Hands, about the Sunday Sign School:

"The idea for the Sunday sign school came about after I read a book about identity in different cultures. It got me thinking that for most Deaf Children 95% are born into hearing families and don’t come to learn how to communicate in BSL until they get to late teens/early 20s.
I realised and have lived experience about the difficulty facing families on how to support Deaf children to embrace and celebrate Deaf identity and culture.

As a hearing mother of a Deaf child, I am unable to give that sense of Deaf culture/identity as I am not Deaf. Also how am I able to teach BSL to my child if I do not know the language
This is a situation that many families can experience.

I also understand the importance that gaining a strong sense of confidence in identity early on will be a great asset to any individual.

A short bit of information about the logo. It is very expressive of what we would like to achieve with the group. It’s about growing in confidence with BSL and Deaf identity.
Learning about the rich history and culture of BSL and finding a community.

We would like Deaf children to get an opportunity to have access to BSL on par with other languages not the either or approach.

We hope Sunday Sign school @ Deaf hub Wales will start to change the story!

Giving Deaf children a chance to be with Deaf peers being taught BSL by qualified Deaf sign language teachers in the cultural home of Deaf community in Wales .

A celebration of Deaf culture and identity whilst being with Deaf peers learning sign language !

Sunday is funday at Deaf Hub Wales!"

Published: Friday 5th November 2021