Why we exist / Our vision

Our vision is to provide a place where the D/deaf can meet with friends, family, colleagues, professionals and provide a hub for support, education, social activity, therapy and advocacy in a safe environment. Our goal is to be one of the leading organisations in Cardiff, Glamorgan and beyond that strives for a

  • more equal Wales;
  • a Wales of cohesive communities;
  • vibrant culture where D/deaf, hard of hearing, D/deafened people, D/deafblind, disabled people and hearing people of all ages can communicate, understand and support each other; and
  • provide an environment that seeks to support and to improve the wellbeing of all.

How we do what we do / Our mission

Deaf Hub (Wales) aims to provide a ‘Welcoming Place for All’ that is:

  1. A safe place that is fit for purpose for various members of the D/deaf community to meet;
  2. To celebrate Deaf history and arts, and promote opportunities for Deaf people to break in to the mainstream;
  3. To improve access for D/deaf people and their families to all aspects of the local community;
  4. To provide access to specialist training and personal development so that D/deaf people can lead fulfilling lives;
  5. Develop a strong and stable network of organisations that support the D/deaf and disabled people of Cardiff, South Wales and the surrounding area;
  6. Develop a network of partners with other D/deaf Clubs, D/deaf Centres and disability organisations across Wales;
  7. Remove communication barriers between D/deaf and hearing people in order to facilitate the creation of fully cohesive communities; and
  8. To improve the wellbeing of all.

Our values

Our values are aimed to respect the individual and to provide a full structure of support for D/deaf people. This can be stated as:

  1. Respect for each individual and for their independence, dignity, autonomy and diversity;
  2. Commitment to ensuring as far as reasonably possible, that any individuals visiting the centre can communicate in the language of their choice be it BSL, Welsh or English;
  3. Professionalism in our services and all the services providers we signpost to. The attributes Deaf Hub (Wales) requires are:
    1. high quality;
    2. accessibility;
    3. inclusiveness and
    4. respect for the individual;
  4. Establish strong working partnerships by working with those who share our vision and mission; and
  5. Actively challenge unfairness and lack of inclusivity in all levels of life and society.