Dafydd Eveleigh, Chair of Deaf Hub (Wales), has provided members with an update regarding the recent recruitment drive for a Deaf Hub Manager and BSL Energy Champion.

Over 12 applications were received from a mixture of Deaf and hearing candidates.  

Trustees Sarah Smith, Rob Wilks and Dafydd Eveleigh created a shortlist of six candidates, all of who were Deaf.  The interviews clearly showcased the various skills, attributes and experience of all the candidates.

The panel decided to offer the two posts to two individuals.  At the moment, all the administrative paperwork is being sorted out, and we hope to make an official announcement as to who were successful in securing the two roles.

Dafydd would like to thank Sarah Smith, Rob Wilks and our Project Development and Fundraising Support, Tracey Bancroft, for their support throughout the process.  Dafydd would also like to thank all those who applied and expressed their interest in working with Deaf Hub (Wales).

We look forward to being able to announce who has been been successful in securing the posts of Deaf Hub Manager and BSL Energy Champion soon!