Dafydd Eveleigh, Chair of Deaf Hub (Wales), is pleased to announce that since the first UK lockdown, March 2020, Deaf Hub Wales has employed three new staff. These are the Deaf Hub manager, Dr Steven Emery, BSL Energy Champion, William Everett, and Resource Officer Rachel England. They are all Deaf BSL users and are employed part-time.

Steve began working at the Hub on 30th March 2020, William from September 2020, Rachel from January 2021

All staff are based at Deaf Hub Wales/Cardiff Deaf Centre on 163 Newport Road. Until we are able to open the Centre, however, they will work from home.

You can contact Steve at [email protected] William at [email protected] and Rachel at [email protected] 

Once again Dafydd would like to thank Sarah Smith, Rob Wilks and our Project Development and Fundraising Support, Tracey Bancroft, for their support throughout the process. Dafydd would also like to thank all those who applied and expressed their interest in working with Deaf Hub (Wales).