*UPDATE: Unfortunately this training is currently unavailable

We hope to resume it in future*

Deaf Awareness and basic BSL training offer

Working in partnership with the British Deaf Association, Deaf Hub (Wales) are offering any community groups/organisations that are working in the community, as a result of Covid-19, the opportunity to increase the training for their teams.

Free training is offered to help voluntary services to more effectively support Deaf people they may already be supporting, or may come across as a result of their services.

Training includes: Deaf Awareness & basic BSL.

The training is to help support Deaf people in the community - chat, contact, collect medicine, shop, befriend, or help.

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

The press release is here:

May 2020 -  INFORMATION RELEASE by A Deaf Hub (Wales) and the British Deaf Association

Covid 19 Support Response for the Deaf Community

Covid 19 (coronavirus) is impacting everyone, but for the Deaf Community the impact raises additional challenges and potential risks due to the lack of information available in British Sign Language (BSL). This lack of information and appropriate support is directly impacting the physical and mental health wellbeing for many Deaf people.

British Deaf Association (BDA) (South Wales) in partnership with A Deaf Hub (Wales) at Cardiff Deaf Centre, 163 Newport Rd, Cardiff have been creating, sourcing, sharing information in BSL in an attempt to keep Deaf people informed with the same level of information as their hearing families and friends. 

BDA’s specialist team are working daily on resources and materials to help Deaf children, young people and adults understand and come to terms with the current situation. They are aiming to minimise any anxieties, worries and confusion about what is happening. It is not easy as the situation is developing at a fast pace, but both the BDA and Deaf Hub always attempt to provide effective support.

We are trying our absolute best to maintain high standards in all our services despite current difficulties with Covid 19 and the lockdown and are constantly reviewing how both organisations can maximise resources and work together to support everyone.

Many amazing groups of volunteers have come together at this challenging time and are providing fantastic support across the community in South Wales. We are aware that these volunteers may now come across Deaf or hard of hearing individuals and struggle a little in how best to communicate and ensure that each individual or family get the support they need or want.

This is where we hope we can help!

BDA and Deaf Hub are offering all volunteers, within any volunteer organisation or community group, the opportunity for FREE, to experience

  • Deaf Awareness Training

A short course online course  - delivered by our trainers who are Deaf and BSL users – this means that you will learn about the personal, lived experiences of Deaf people and the different barriers that Deaf people encounter in their daily lives.

  • BSL – Social Contact Communication

A short online course - delivered by our trainers who are Deaf and BSL users – a collection of simple everyday words, phrases and sentences that will help you to support a Deaf person.

As we all work to support each other, and reduce the impact of Covid 19 on our daily living, together, our aim is to:-

  • raise awareness & support all community volunteers to support Deaf people further;
  • advocate and inform the public at large about deafness and hearing loss;
  • raise awareness about the importance of embracing and recognising language and culture;
  • improve the quality of services for people who are Deaf or have a hearing loss;
  • continue to raise the profile and importance of equality and accessibility.

How can you access this great opportunity?

Over the coming weeks we will be offering the training sessions online, at a variety of times and dates.

To register your interest, please email the team and we will contact you with the session dates and times, each session will be supported by a BSL/English Interpreter and will be hosted via Zoom. 

Contact us on : [email protected]  or [email protected] to register a free place.

More information on the British Deaf Association is available at https://bda.org.uk/

More information on A Deaf Hub (Wales) at Cardiff Deaf Centre is available at https://deafhub.wales


Published: Friday 30 October 2020